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For Your Consideration

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RonJackson fyc

For Your ConsiderationBest Jazz Instrumental Album"Standards and My Songs"Ron Jackson

For Your ConsiderationBest Jazz Composition”Walk Fast”Ron Jackson

RonJackson fyc
Ron Jackson FYC

For Your ConsiderationBest Jazz Improvised Solo“From Dusk To Dawn”Ron Jackson

For Your ConsiderationBest Engineered Album“Standards and My Songs”Chris Sulit

RonJackson FYC
Ron Jackson

For Your ConsiderationBest Vinyl Artwork“Standards and My Songs”Chris Drukker

About the album
Coming out of the pandemic lockdown, distinctive and versatile jazz guitarist Ron Jackson re-emerges boldly with his latest solo album, “Standards and My Songs”, released on his own Roni Music label. The album spotlights Jackson’s seven-string jazz guitar with Willie Jones III and Ben Wolfe (drums and bass, respectively). Guest musicians include Clark Gayton (trombone)  and Brian Ho, Hammond Organ.

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